City palace jaipur: Fire arms museum

Courtesy: My friend Satish 

City Palace-- forms one of the most famous tourist attractions and a major landmark in Jaipur. The beautiful palace was built by Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh during his reign. showcases arms and weaponry dating back to the 15th century. The weapons displayed in the museum comprise of pistols, jeweled swords, guns and gun powder pouches, belt swords, chain armors, small cannons, poison tipped blades, a scissor-action dagger...

It is one of the Single largest collection of weapons especially fire arms .. atleast in India.

This is  small description of the musem from Jaipurthepinkcity
            Lot of pistols and revolvers with floral decoration, and ivory work on the butt; with floral ornamentation, and auspicious text inscribed barrels are displayed here which were brought from mainly Govt. Museum, Bharatpur.
            Eknali, Dunali, and Chaunali (single bore round, double bore round, and four bore round respectively) are the various types of revolvers which are in display at Albert hall.
            Huge �Camel Gun� with wooden handle looking like a small canon was not hold by hands at the time of shooting but was placed on camel and to be fire towards the enemy from long distance is a main attraction in �Pistols and Revolvers� collection at Albert Hall Museum of Pink City Jaipur.


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