Funny cannon in Mehrangarh Fort - Jodhpur

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cannon in Mehrangarh Fort - Jodhpur, India

A miniature model Bronze Cannon from India, circa 1800. The full size 18th Century cannon it is based upon is housed in the Mehrangarh Museum Trust at the Jodhpur Fort, and is owned by Maharaja Sri Gaj Singh Ji II of Jodhpur.

The cannon is in the form of a mysthological ‘Makara’ beast, with the muzzle being the beasts gaping mouth. His four paws rest upon a front and rear axle, which are in turn connected to nicely pierced wheels.

This cannon was never meant to be fired, and has no touch hole. It does have a beautiful deep gloss patina, and was more than likely a memento given by the then Jodhpur Raja to distinguished guests.

The original cannon can be seen in the Carey Welch/Metropolitan Museum exhibition catalogue “India, art and culture 1300-1900” 1985, pl.240 where Cary Welch describes it as “Cannon in the shape of a Makara, Rajasthan, Marwar, Jodhpur, late 18th century. Bronze, length 49” (124.5cms), diameter 12” (30.5cms)”.

Overall length: 10.5 inch (267mm)
Bore Diameter: 1 inch (26mm)

The last image taken from p.95, The Saga of Indian Cannons, R.Balasubramaniam, 2008.
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