Kodavas celebrate Kail Pold with pomp and gaiety

Agri equipment and weapons offered special prayers.
Kail Pold or Kail muhurtha, the prominent Kodava cultural festival was celebrated with great pomp all over the district.

It is primarily an agricultural festival wherein Kodavas assemble all agricultural equipment and weapons together and offer special offerings after the end of all agricultural works. Accordingly, plough, sickles, pick axe, guns, knives and equipment are arranged together and are worshiped by Kodava households. After the prayers, typical Kail Pold delicacies like ‘Kadumbattu’, ‘shyavige’ and ‘pandikari’ are cooked and relished. Various games were organised all over the district. Shooting coconut tied to branches of trees were organised in many places along with other forms of rural games.

Antique Kodava weapons and equipment collected by Kodava Sahithya Academy former president Bacharaniyanda P Appanna from various places were displayed at the courtyard of his residence in Kushalnagar on the occasion of Kail muhurtha.  Ancient agricultural equipment, modes of preserving grains, earthen vessels, weapons like Balkatti, Pichekatti, Ambkatti, Koykatti, Pilkatti, Maradudi, Mambatta, Latinu, Bacherate and various other things were displayed, which was appreciated largely by the visitors.

Appanna said that spreading awareness about one’s own culture is essential especially during this period of advent and influence of western culture. Kodava Sahithya Academy member Ranu Appanna and others were present.
Source http://www.deccanherald.com/content/23264/off-record.html


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