A few Canons at forts: collection

brass canon at daulatabad
This large cannon is made of brass and has urdu or arabic inscriptions. Also at Daulatabad Fort.

artillery at Jawahar palace

This light cannon was photographed at the Maharaja's palace in Jawahar town/village, also spelt Jawhar. It was a princely state.

This photograph is taken at the Daulatabad Fort near Aurangabad which was built by the Yadavas of Deogiri but later taken over by the Mughals in the 13th century. The fort in which these guns are found is built on a hill and is one of strongest forts of medieval India. Its defense system consists of a moat and high fortified walls.
cannon at deogiri

Source: http://www.stockpicturesforeveryone.com/2011/10/cannons-old-type-of-artillery.html


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