BMRCL officials finds another cannon

After discovering a cannon during underground work near the Tipu Sultan fort on Thursday, officials of the Bangalore Metro Rail Corporation Limited (BMRCL) on Friday discovered another cannon similar to the first one at the same venue.
The cannon discovered on Thursday was 12 feet in length and dated back to the 18 century. It weighed one tonne approximately according to officials of the Archeological Society of India
(ASI). Even after the discovery on Thursday, the ASI had not approached the BMRCL to stop work in the area and this led to Friday’s discovery.
ASI officials examined the second cannon on Friday and are currently planning on how to move the cannons to a more secure location. According to K R Ramakrishna, Commissioner ASI, experts from ASI would examine the area in the coming days considering the fact that a second cannon was discovered on Friday. “The cannons are likely to be shifted to the museum in the city. They are the property of the State Government,” Ramakrishna said.
However work will continue as normal as no request has yet been made by the ASI to halt work in the area.
The entire space according to historians was the location of an ordnance factory during the time of Tipu Sultan and cannons were cast there.
“We are yet to receive any request to halt work, we shall continue as normal till the time we receive any official communication,” said Y L Chavan, Spokesperson for BMRCL.


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