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Kalashnikov will never fall silent

NEW DELHI: When Delhi's chief minister-designate Arvind Kejriwal pulled off an upset win against Congress stalwart Sheila Dikshit on December 8, we at The Times of India could think of only one analogy to honour the spectacular achievement—the AK-47. The blanket headline on one of our special pages read, 'Cong big guns fall silent as AK booms'. The rest of Indian media took the cue from us and Kejriwal became the new AK, a giant slayer.

On December 23, the man who gave us this iconic name passed away. Lieutenant General Mikhail Timofeyevich Kalashnikov was 94.
On Friday, Kalashnikov was given an elaborate state funeral in Mytishchi outside Moscow. His mortal remains were interred in the Federal Military Memorial Cemetery, an exclusive burial ground for Russia's national heroes. As his coffin was lowered, Russian ceremonial troops gave him a gun salute by firing AK-47s, a final tribute to the man who had invented the world's most popular firearm and et…

Shivaji Maharaj : Raigad Fort Cannon

Shivaji Maharaj : Raigad Fort Cannon : Maharashtra


Mughal-period cannon ball found in Neemuch

FRI APR 05, 2013 Video linl: A cannon ball, believed to be of Mughal period, has been found here, local residents said on Friday.

Cannons Sibsagar, Ahom Kings


Cannons Sibsagar, Ahom Kings

Cannon at Palace of Kachari Kings In Cachar, Assam

Palace of Kachari Kings In Cachar, Assam Palace of Kachari Kings : The palace of the Kachari kings is situated at a distance of about 10 km from Silchar. The Kachari dynasty was a mighty and powerful dynasty, belonging to the Bodo-Kachari ethnic group. The archeological remnants of this strong and advance kingdom still lie in Khaspur, which was their last capital.

Cannons at the Fort of Narwar

Cannons at the Fort of Narwar   (Dist.- Shivpuri, Madhya Pradesh)
Photographs of Narwar : Courtesy

MP's stolen royal cannon seized from Mumbai

Bhopal: The Mumbai's Dharavi police seem to have solved a five-year-old theft case at Shivpuri's Narwar Fortress. The police have recovered an antique cannon from a person, member of a former royal family of Madhya Pradesh.
Pratap Pal Singh (52), a native of Shivpuri, was arrested by the Dharavi police in Mumbai on Tuesday for possessing a 20.5-inch cannon which he allegedly intended to sell for Rs. 1 crore.
The cannon is made of ashtadhatu—an amalgam of eight metals, including gold and silver.
Sources in the state archaeology department said, the cannon seized from Singh's possession is similar to the one that was stolen from Narwar Fortress on the intervening night of August 20-21, 2007.
The size and metal of the seized cannon is akin to the one stolen from Shivpuri, they said.
The complaint lodged with the Shivpuri police in 2007 sates, two Mughal era cannons, about five feet long each, were stolen from Narwar Fortress - a state protected monument. While one of the cann…

Cannons inside the Raisen Fort: Madhya Pradesh

Raisen is one of the many small towns of the state of Madhya Pradesh but hold significant importance as a place of religious and historical importance. Raisen is located in the Raisen district.
A view of the cannons inside the Raisen Fort. These cannons are around 15th Century old.
The inside view of the Raisen Fort near Bhopal.The ruins of the monument can be seen in the picture.
A view from the steps of the famous Raisen fort,built around 1200A.D.The walls of the gate are visible in the picture.

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Raisen has history in every nook and corner of the town. Way back in 1200 AD, the Raisen Fort came into existence and from there Raisen got its name. Raisen was ruled by various rulers till the 15th century. But in the year 1543, Sher Shah Suri seized it from the Puranmal and ruled it for many years. However, in the year 1760, the great Fiaz Mohammad Khan, the third Nawab of Bhopal, acquired Raisen and from then this small town remained a part of the prin…