Cannons inside the Raisen Fort: Madhya Pradesh

Raisen is one of the many small towns of the state of Madhya Pradesh but hold significant importance as a place of religious and historical importance. Raisen is located in the Raisen district.

 A view of the cannons inside the Raisen Fort. These cannons are around 15th Century old.
 The inside view of the Raisen Fort near Bhopal.The ruins of the monument can be seen in the picture.
A view from the steps of the famous Raisen fort,built around 1200A.D.The walls of the gate are visible in the picture.

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Raisen has history in every nook and corner of the town. Way back in 1200 AD, the Raisen Fort came into existence and from there Raisen got its name. Raisen was ruled by various rulers till the 15th century. But in the year 1543, Sher Shah Suri seized it from the Puranmal and ruled it for many years. However, in the year 1760, the great Fiaz Mohammad Khan, the third Nawab of Bhopal, acquired Raisen and from then this small town remained a part of the princely state of Bhopal.
After independence, in the year 1956, Raisen became an integral part of the new Bhopal State of India which was later merged to Madhya Pradesh on 1st November 1956.


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