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Vintage, Modern Guns on Display at Open House

Oct 20 2015 HYDERABAD: Though the most modern and deadliest assault rifles rule the security system today, it is the 19th century’s .303 rifle that is believed to be the most accurate and effective (lethal). Not for anything else but for the wooden sturdiness and a firing range of 2,000 yards (1.8 km), no urban weapon is a match for this Enfield-born rifle that was once used in trench warfare.As part of the Police Commemoration Week, vintage rifles like the British-era 410 Mascot rifle, 12-bore pump action gun and the .22 rifle (used mostly in training purposes) to the light machine guns(LMG) most advanced AK-47, guns like MP-5k and MP-5 A3 used by NSG commandos were on display at the Open House organised by the state police at Parade Grounds here on Monday.“An AK-47 is automatic and can fire a full round in 30 seconds in a firing range of up to 800 yards but it cannot match the accuracy of .303 rifle which can shoot down a person at a distance of 2,000 yards,” said a policeman from t…